Megan VanLiew



Adopting Chester impacted our lives in so many ways. He really ended up being a great advocate for senior adoption. At the age of nine and with a host of medical problems (plus being a boxer), Chester was considered quite old. At our first medical appointment, our vet warned us that it may be a hospice situation and we may have only 6 months or so with him. All we knew was that we wanted him to be comfortable and know unconditional love until the end. 6 months ended up being 4 incredible years. I have had many dogs in my lifetime and they are all special, but Chester holds such a special place in my heart. He was a gentle giant and just so lovely. Because of him, I am constantly advocating for senior adoption. I am forever grateful for Lollypop Farm for bringing him into our lives. You gave him a chance at a second life. We gave him a chance at a second life. Chester ended up living his best life and is a wonderful Lollypop Farm success story.
-Megan VanLiew