Bronte Hough


Love and Care

I was fostering this handsome boy, he’s the biggest love bug you could meet but is FIV+ and I was running out of time/having difficulty trying to find him a good home. I contacted Lollypop Farm about taking him in and finding a new owner for him and they set up a meeting right away and started trying to find somebody. The day I brought him in they already had contacted a family with a FIV+ cat who was looking for a new fur baby, so he had a new home with a friend within 4 days of me contacting them. From the time I started fostering him to having to finding him a new home, I wasn’t able to get him fixed and was only able to get his first round of shots done, but they took care of spaying him the day after I brought him in and gave him all the shots he needed. They helped me save this incredible man, and treated him with so much love and care (although he didn’t give them much choice on the lovins, he REALLY likes to be pet, and it’s impossible to say no to that face). So thank you Lollypop Farm, and please continue to keep up the incredible work!
– Bronte Hough